Granny Flats Builders

Do you need an extra place on your home property where your family can live or a place where your guests can stay? You always wished for additional space in your home? Granny Flats are unquestionably perfect for your wishes. Becoming more and more popular in the last few years, the demand on the market for granny flats is huge. What makes these flats so special? Let’s discuss it. 

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What is Granny Flats?

Dual living designs, smaller practical homes built on the same land as the main home. Fully self- accommodations of the home, with the same number of bedrooms as a typical home. One granny flats usually contain:   

  • Living space
  • A small kitchen 
  • One-bedroom
  • One bathroom
  • Laundry that can be separated or included with the bathroom

Why are these flats so popular?

The name ‘’Granny Flats’’ is gained by the fact that this kind of property is perfect for elderly people that need to live close to their families but to obtain their independence and privacy. Except for aging people, these flats are also a great choice for young adult people that want to move out from home but stay close at the same time. A smart investment for every property because it can be easily rented for extra gain. 

this image shows granny flat builders

Building a Granny Flat

Flexible and practical small homes that can look beautiful and unique if you choose the right design. No matter the mini size of the flat, these houses can offer the same high-quality designs as the big houses.… Click Here

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