It’s amazing what some trees can do! Apparently, they can grow right through concrete! If you have a tree that’s causing problems, like growing too close to your house or blocking the sun, call a tree removal company for help. They’ll be able to safely remove the tree without damaging your property.

According to tree expert Dave Iverson, the tree had its roots growing down through a crack in the sidewalk and they started pushing out chunks of concrete as they grew. Then, the tree’s roots wrapped around three of four steel rods holding up an electric sign on top of the tree and pulled them apart from each other. The sidewalk was bulging up at that point!

They actually came out here one day to check it out because it seemed like the tree was lifting up a piece of concrete,” said Don Hadley, a city arborist with Salt Lake City who hadn’t seen anything like it before.

“What was so amazing to me,” Hadley said, “was when we got down there, you could actually see the tree growing into the sidewalk. I know that sounds crazy but it grew right out of that crack and then wrapped itself around a steel rod.”

Growth like this is rare, but trees do grow in all sorts of strange places. Sometimes they even grow right through houses!